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Is Facebook Facilitating Perpetuating Violence

In my humble opinion; Facebook has sunken to an all Time NEW LOW as it now ACTIVELY pursues facilitates drives thrives and glorifies hate violence and much more to make its precious media revenue. The videos images and sound bytes of angry bitter young men and women hitting kicking robbing others and one another / attempted rapes - riots - violent demonstrations - high speed car chases that end in tragedy combined with useless shootings - stabbing - drug overdoses - car theft and all kinds of fits of rage - while filming spiritually inept individuals laughing as it occurs - literally makes me nauseous!  Believers Beware! If you’re secretly watching this trash- feeding off of this filth in an effort to somehow pleasure your soul - you are placing you and your family in dire spiritual Jeopardy! Giving your eyes ears time and attention to this trash opens demonic gates that serve as an open invitation to evil spirits to come attach themselves to you your home and your family!  Once you give your attention to this stuff - While you sleep - they find their way- into your home - your children’s bedrooms - your families lives - to infect your family mate and your own soul! Make no mistake about it; These vile spirits when invited in - quietly slither into your bedrooms living rooms work place and Every place to inject all those you love with sin sickness death and disease! Why do people watch this stuff? For the Same reason Eve turned her attention from her husband and her God to the serpent!  Evil is Enchanting - like a viper - within seconds of exposure they capture the attention of their victims! All it takes is your attention! Within a millisecond of viewing this stuff - you became its Slave and a prisoner of death! As a pastor leader father I’m concerned!  Men and women are dying and sadly it’s becoming America’s number one form of entertainment!  Who’s really to Blame? How about the devil? Of course; That would be too easy!  The truth is; the real culprit is your own fleshly reflection! None of it would be worth a plug Nickel to Facebook Twitter Instagram or even CNN FOX NBC CNBC ABC or any other network without those who eat drink this toxic waste!!! It’s why these media moguls sit back in their ivory towers and laugh while they count their money and check their fat bank accounts!  They get richer with every single foolish viewer and unwise listener!  The problem isn’t the devil. It consumers (people who hunger and thirst for it). My prayer is the Christians will begin to exercise extreme caution in what they watch and why!  If you have filter settings that block these kinds of videos SET THEM to BLOCK these sources! The less demand the Faster FB will pay attention and Stop the madness! Praying for all of my dear friends and colleagues that they will fallow the model and let’s stop these kinds of toxic sources that are influencing more violence and more of the same!  Lastly, for those who would argue freedom of speech, pure authentic freedom comes at a price. There is a huge difference between freedom of speech and provocation that initiates and perpetuated actions that endanger the safety health and freedom of all!  Sincerely, May God Grants is peace through wisdom ... In Jesus name is my prayer!  Sincerely, Bishop MSF


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It’s been almost 6 months since I received the prophetic pronunciations I shared in this years WestCoast Church New Years Evening 2020 Gathering on December 31st 2019.   I have to tell you; as I read back over the 18 or more prophetic insights this past week I was taken back by both the accuracy and the warmth in which Gods voice seemed to warn and comfort us at the same time!  As if to say, this is what you are about to go through but dont worry I will lead and guide you every step of the way. As I read through each and every prophecy this past week and again today I could feel an overwhelming sense of divine guidance preservation and provision for Gods people in spite of what we were hearing for the first time and what we are now watching unfold first hand in real time.  Interestingly, the largest of all the events to unfold turned out to be the second to the last prophecy and the smallest of them all. As large as we now know that it is to all of us and the entire world

Has Facebook Sunk To. A New Low?

Let me ask you a question; has Facebook sank to an all Time NEW LOW?  Last week I did something I hardly do. I took a few minutes to scroll through some of the videos posted on its media feed. Expecting to find some laughter or possibly opinions on current events I found something that shocked me! Violence! Lots of it! Believing it was just a couple of posts I continued to scroll down and it words and worse!  After seeing dozens of needless fights brawls agravated assults gangs shootings drug addicts overdosing and even attempted rape I was convinced! Something has gone terribly wrong at Facebook!  For the past few years they have facilitated posts pages that facilitate hate racial division and much more under the guides if so called free speech.  After a closer look I have began to wonder!  Is Facebook now ACTIVELY pursuing facilitating driving thriving and glorifing hate violence and much more to make its precious media revenue? The videos images and sound bytes of angry bitter you

The Year Of Exceeded Expectation

‘For the Testimony of Jesus Is the Spirit of Prophecy'   Revelations 19:10 It’s no secret that we are living in prophetic times. All one has to do is turn their television, radio, cell phone or smart device on to hear about or see graphic images of unfolding events here in the United States and the world. If this is true, and it is, the only questions that remain are, “What is God saying?" "Why is He revealing the things He is saying to us' and "How should we pray and respond?"  The bible is filled with answers about prophetic events. Amos 3:7 tells us, “Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.”  The late great bible expositors, Jamieson, Fausset and Brown explain this passage by writing, “The secrets of God's purposes, that have been hidden from all are revealed to His prophets first. So that those who love Him, Especially His servants can obey their Lord in setting forth His purpose in t