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It’s been almost 6 months since I received the prophetic pronunciations I shared in this years WestCoast Church New Years Evening 2020 Gathering on December 31st 2019.  

I have to tell you; as I read back over the 18 or more prophetic insights this past week I was taken back by both the accuracy and the warmth in which Gods voice seemed to warn and comfort us at the same time!  As if to say, this is what you are about to go through but dont worry I will lead and guide you every step of the way.

As I read through each and every prophecy this past week and again today I could feel an overwhelming sense of divine guidance preservation and provision for Gods people in spite of what we were hearing for the first time and what we are now watching unfold first hand in real time. 

Interestingly, the largest of all the events to unfold turned out to be the second to the last prophecy and the smallest of them all. As large as we now know that it is to all of us and the entire world, His word to us was short and to the point. 

God said, “We would witness a terrible outbreak of an awful Disease / Virus that we (America) thought had been dealt with - but that it would suddenly reappear. It will cost thousands of lives and shake the US and world. The good news is that it will be slowed and stopped within months by gifted men and women who God will raise up and prepare to help us face and defeat it.” 
I could not help city hear the Fathers voice warmly warning us, “This event is coming, but trust and follow me and I will bring you through this.” 

Another thing that stood out to me without going back over all the prophecies which you can read for yourself in Januarys Blog was the word regarding His using “the Unpredictable” to fulfill His will in the earth.” I believe this one word may go down in history as one of the most accurate words ever given over this historic season we are living through. Why? 

Because this is what is shaking the nations and to be specific the power centers of the earth. Man has no control over this. It’s unpredictable. Yet God seems to be using every unforeseen pitch and curve to turn men and women hearts back to God. Including His church. 

Who would have predicted that churches across America would be forced too close their doors to their own parishioners? Much less demonstrate their passion and desire for His gatherings in the form of drive in meetings and miniature radio stations used to broad cast the Gospel from their parking lots? Not to mention cell phone gatherings center stage of empty cathedrals and or home meetings?

I cant even begin to express how thankful I am that we heard and obeyed God 7 years ago when He spoke to us to turn our entire church into a mass media TV network / sound and film stage! But I save that for another article.

The point that I am making is that God never speaks to us unless it is to prepare us, and that he never prepares us without a prevailing answer!  He warns His people by saying, “You are about to see or experience this, but do not be afraid or fear!  I am with you!”   His word is always, “No matter what, I will bring you through this!”

I am reminded of when God spoke to Joshua! This Book of the Law must not depart from your mouth; you are to recite it day and night so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. For then you will prosper and succeed in all you do.” Joshua 1:8 

There was a reason why God spoke to Him to recite what He has said to Him!  It contained His power and His promises!  There is power In Gods promise! Men may not follow through with what he says, but rest assured God never fails and never ever breaks His word! In fact He watched over His word or promises to preform them!” 

Listen to what He asked Joshua to do in verse 9. “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous! Do not be terrified or dismayed (intimidated), for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.” 

God wants you and I to know He is with us!  He will not leave nor forsake us!  He will lead and guide us through each and every step and mile along the way! What I love about the Lord is that He not only knows the future; 

He hold it all is the palm of His hand! In fact, He has you and I and all those we love in the center of His heart and plan for the future!   

Lastly, you don’t have to wait to see the natural outcome of a thing to see the end of it in the Spirit!  You can see the end of what you are going through from the beginning!  I am talking about right now!  What I mean by this is the Holy Spirit can give you the kind of Vision based on His word that enables you to supernaturally to see through what you’re facing right now!  In fact, the kind of vision I am talking about right now is based on the prophetic word of the Lord over your life. The vision I am talking about right now is not predicated ion what may be occurring around you in the natural.  It is based on What He has promised over you life loved ones and future!  

Listen! God wants to empower you to see what He has declared over your life and future even clearer, than all that you see and hear from the world around you!  

This is what I call “God-Sight!”  God-Sight is a supernatural combination inside and foresight mixed together!  This kind of Vision gives you the ability to see through your storms and mountains! It not only sees your God given future, it sees right through what ever you are facing and captures it! So Gods promise becomes so loud and so clear so vivid that it cancels out all the noise of what ever is attempting to scare you!  Gods presence cancels out fear panic and anxiety!  

All you need do is tap into it!  Its yours for the asking!  The Holy Spirit wants to invade your world with power and glory! His desire is to cancel our all the negative pictures and sounds the enemy tries too place in your mind spirit soul and body!  And He will do it, that is, if you will do the following things! 

  1. Come close! Lean in! He wants to speak to you! Just as He gives me these small prophetic insights each year that helps prepare our family and church for whats ahead, he wants to do the same for you! But you must seek and find Him!  He’s near you right now waiting to comfort you with new pictures and fresh sounds of a safe clean healthy wiser future filled with divine favor! As you lean into His presence in prayer worship and just turning things off to be alone with Him He will speak to you and open your mind to all the good He has planned for you so you can capture it and trust Him!

  1. Refute and rebuke any and all foreign spirits that would come to distract you from hearing and seeing Gods plan for your life that extends through the current crises! Gods plan is stronger than any test trial challenge or storm!  He wants to prove it to you! So be careful who and what you listen too! Unauthorized words and images open spiritual gates that grants demonic spirits of fear and panic access to the inner courts of your body and spirit!  You must hear me!  In order to Hear all of Gods Yes’s you must tell the devil no!  Theres not enough space in your spirit for the sounds of the world and the Sound of Gods Spirit! You must choose this day who you choose to give your ears and eyes too!   As you do God will chase off all the noise! He will begin to cancel every demonic subscription that you may have allowed into your thinking!

  1. Lastly, remember Gods word! You would think this is obvious to everyone. But it’s not! The trick is; God can’t or will not bring something to your remembrance that you are unwilling to read and feed your spirit!  Gods word, above all leads and guides us through the darkest foggiest nights like a great ship equipped with the most powerful radar.  His Word is power! Its pages offer us peace strength and faith like nothing else in the world! So read and remember! His word and presence will open up the heavens so you can see right through the worst of the worst!

Let me encourage you to rise in your faith and stand strong in these times! I know what the news is saying. But let me remind you God knew all about this stuff long before we did and far beyond the point before the media decided to capitalize off of it! 

The Lord is with you! He knows your rising up and your setting down. He has everything under control!  In fact, I can tell you now that He will open all the right doors for you and close the rest. But you must rely on Him! Trust His voice, His presence, His word!  If you read my January blog or you’re a member of our church I don’t have to convince you God is with us! He told us what to do seven years ago. Then He reminded us again 5 short years ago to complete the vision!  We obeyed and turned out entire church into one large Studio to share Jesus peace hope healing and power with the world!  Because we saw and heard what others may have refused we were prepared for this hour! We saw and heard because we were listening and searching! Thank God! You can do the same thing! God is going to bring you through this storm too! Lean in and give God your full attention and you too can have supernatural depth perception!  

Aa my dear friend Ron Folkner once said, your storm may not be over, but you can be over the storm. God will see us all through this! I feel to tell you, His hand of protection provision, and unfathomable peace is on you! Reach out and receive it!  You do all that He commands for you to do and I can assure you, all will be well!  God has a way of doing His best work in hard tied like these!  Thank Him for it!  Open your spiritual eyes and see His Glory!  You will come through victoriously! Lift your hands and give Him praise for it now in Jesus name!   Gods Best!  Bishop MSF


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