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Has Facebook Sunk To. A New Low?

Let me ask you a question; has Facebook sank to an all Time NEW LOW?  Last week I did something I hardly do. I took a few minutes to scroll through some of the videos posted on its media feed. Expecting to find some laughter or possibly opinions on current events I found something that shocked me! Violence! Lots of it! Believing it was just a couple of posts I continued to scroll down and it words and worse!  After seeing dozens of needless fights brawls agravated assults gangs shootings drug addicts overdosing and even attempted rape I was convinced! Something has gone terribly wrong at Facebook!  For the past few years they have facilitated posts pages that facilitate hate racial division and much more under the guides if so called free speech.  After a closer look I have began to wonder!  Is Facebook now ACTIVELY pursuing facilitating driving thriving and glorifing hate violence and much more to make its precious media revenue? The videos images and sound bytes of angry bitter you

Is Facebook Facilitating Perpetuating Violence

In my humble opinion; Facebook has sunken to an all Time NEW LOW as it now ACTIVELY pursues facilitates drives thrives and glorifies hate violence and much more to make its precious media revenue. The videos images and sound bytes of angry bitter young men and women hitting kicking robbing others and one another / attempted rapes - riots - violent demonstrations - high speed car chases that end in tragedy combined with useless shootings - stabbing - drug overdoses - car theft and all kinds of fits of rage - while filming spiritually inept individuals laughing as it occurs - literally makes me nauseous!  Believers Beware! If you’re secretly watching this trash- feeding off of this filth in an effort to somehow pleasure your soul - you are placing you and your family in dire spiritual Jeopardy! Giving your eyes ears time and attention to this trash opens demonic gates that serve as an open invitation to evil spirits to come attach themselves to you your home and your family!  Once you