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The Year Of Exceeded Expectation

‘For the Testimony of Jesus Is the Spirit of Prophecy'   Revelations 19:10
It’s no secret that we are living in prophetic times. All one has to do is turn their television, radio, cell phone or smart device on to hear about or see graphic images of unfolding events here in the United States and the world.

If this is true, and it is, the only questions that remain are, “What is God saying?" "Why is He revealing the things He is saying to us' and "How should we pray and respond?" The bible is filled with answers about prophetic events. Amos 3:7 tells us, “Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.” 

The late great bible expositors, Jamieson, Fausset and Brown explain this passage by writing, “The secrets of God's purposes, that have been hidden from all are revealed to His prophets first. So that those who love Him, Especially His servants can obey their Lord in setting forth His purpose in the earth. 

The Spirit of God speaks to us in a number of ways. He does so through the Logos or His written WORD. Which only carries power through the assistance of the Holy Spirit. I think believers sometimes forget that without His assistance the written word carries no real personal meaning. My father used to say, “The Bible is like a good steak. “You will never fully savor its goodness until you learn how to season it with prayer.” He was right. The bible becomes a supernatural book the moment we invite the Holy Spirit into our time studying its truths.  Without Him, it’s simply another piece of religious literature. With Him, God's power is revealed in every part of our lives past, present and future. SECONDLY, God reveals His will to us through prayer. Which is far more than a page of contrived sentences composed of grammatically correct words and phrases. 

Authentic prayer is communion. It's an intimate exchange. Meaning, we hear from God when we shut the world around us out long enough to give Him our full attention. So we can understand and receive what He is saying. THE THIRD WAY, God speaks to us is through life. Sometimes we see Him in the most unusual places. For example; God can reveal Himself through circumstance, challenges tests trials and events, that are occurring in and around our lives. And, while He may not be the cause of all that we face, He reserves the right to use them to speak to us through the unfolding events around us. 

Which brings us full circle. God also chooses to reveal Himself through yielded vessels called prophets. Who operate in what is sometimes referred to as the Spirit Of Prophecy. He does this to prepare position and empower His people for the future! The Spirit Of Prophecy is the ability to capture carry and interpret spiritual insights concerning what God is doing and at times, what He is about to do in our lives. With that said, let me encourage you. Before you read any further, take a moment to pause and pray. Ask the Holy Spirit to anoint your mind and spirit. To give you divine discernment so you can see and hear what He wants to reveal to you concerning this new year and beyond! As you do I believe you will begin to catch glimpses of His glory in all that you see and hear moving forward into this fresh exciting season we are moving into! 

May God give you eyes to see, and ears to hear! In Jesus name is my prayer, 
Gods best, Bishop MSF

The following prophetic insights were given to our bishop Mark Filkey in October and November of 2019 and shared with our WestCoast Church congregation on NYE evening December 31st, 2019.

The Year of 2020 will be known by many as "The Year Of Exceeded Expectations" 
I heard the Lord say - the Ceiling of the faithful will become their new floor - The NEW Floor shall become the foundation of a new era in my people's lives and future. In 2020 I will remove the restrictions and limitations from many.  As a result, my people will witness my hand moving across this nation in unprecedented ways. The church will no longer be business as usual. An unexpected  paradigm shift is coming that will initiate perpetuate a great Spiritual outpouring. 

I saw 9 more years of unprecedented spiritual freedom and natural opportunities for the people of God the church and the Kingdom. For the next 9 years, the Authentic church will continue to see and experience unlimited opportunities.

America will continue to see its high places of natural power authority and influence SHAKEN. More sifting will occur in high places - setting the stage for God to complete what He has begun for His people in 2016 forward. We will see a continuation of God's hand moving in Washington DC in very unpredictable ways.

God is going to continue to use the unpredictable to accomplish His will for the sake of His will, His people, His church and the future of America and the world. Which means, we should position ourselves in great faith to anticipate Favor from unexpected sources, in unexpected places in unlikely times seasons!  

God will continue to place more and more spiritual change agents (spiritual and natural leaders, men and women of prayer spiritual insight and expertise to resolve issues) around the POTUS to help guide him through the process of accomplishing (GODs Affairs) here in America and around the WORLD.  While the (POTUS) will continue to appear to be extremely unorthodox (unpredictable) in his ways, God will continue to guide His affairs VIA the Holy Spirit and the prayer and counsel of the wise He’s placed around him. 

God is preparing spiritual Change Agents to come to the table in high places. Obedient men and women who will help complete the path for God's people - the church.  He is setting believers up to take their place in just about every High position you can imagine.

As a result of all that has been shifting and occurring spiritually many national news media outlets will begin to increase the channeling of their attacks even further, against Christianity and the church to the likes we’ve never seen before. The attempt to divide the church by stereotyping labeling and redefining us against one another is going to increase radically. Sadly, some will fall prey to the deception. But, I heard the Lord say, “Don’t be afraid!“ “It’s too late!” “The Holy Spirit is positioning the church to be the Recipients of an unparalleled open heavens outpouring! The powers of darkness are going to be forced to give witness to an un-imagined paradigm shift in the Spirit that will shake unauthorized spirits from their long-held seats of power. The response to all this for the next few months will be panic and desperation while millions of people are spiritually awakened to recognize what the enemy has been up to the entire time. 

Watch Iran Iraq. A shocking turn of events is about to unfold in the EAST Middle East.  This event is going to awaken people here in America and the world concerning what has really been occurring behind the scenes in that region. As a result, these countries will experience a period of civil unrest. We will find out most of what we’ve been seeing building up in IRAN's nuclear force was an attempt to take ISRAEL out and wipe them off of the map. I saw missiles pointed at us, our allies and specifically Israel. But I heard the Lord say, “He will again use AMERICA to spoil their plan”. As an ally of Israel, America will help ensure they will be safe / saved.

Believers must remove themselves from their own natural opinions and break free of the influence and opinions of those around them so they can see the hand of God in the unfolding events to come. Those who haven’t quite understood what God has been doing must begin to trust God in spite of their mind will and emotions (souls) and position themselves for what will prove to be their FINEST HOUR and TIME AND SEASON so they too can TAKE THEIR PLACE IN HISTORY. Not JUST as Americans - but AS THE CHURCH!!! 

People caught up in earthly causes - caught up by the images noise and voices in social media streams/news commentaries will miss it!  The Lord says, “Awaken out of your sleep!” “It has never been about causes.” It has always been about “My (Gods) plan”, My (Gods) Kingdom and “My (His) Church”. My people must clear the sleep out of their eyes and wax from their ears so they can hear me in the days months years to come!

I saw laws and executive orders being signed and set in place that will work in favor of the church. These changes will increase favor for and upon God's people to carry out His will in their communities, cities, states. Where we were once restricted, we will be released (for a season) to prosper, These changes will help make way for an outpouring like never before. As a result, we will for the first time in many years be empowered to create ways/paths to help those who can’t help themselves. 

The government will feel compelled for a season to release large amounts of funds to faith-based initiatives/churches/the people of God - that will help and enable us to move freely to solve problems the Government could not solve. As a result, we will be empowered to continue to reach the lost, feed the hungry, heal the hurting, the homeless and the addicted. The changes that will be made available for a season will help enable us to clothe, educate and empower the poor and help them prosper and find rest in God's purpose for their lives!

God has been dealing with entrepreneurs, the successful, the influential about His purpose. He will begin to give many of these great men and women dreams and visions concerning how they can help change the world through the Church. Many will begin to see wealth transfers. Resources will be placed into the hands of obedient. Into the hands of people who have servant's hearts. Who see wealth not as a means to get rich, but as a means to fulfill the great mandate. Which is to share the Love of God and resolve the issues the Government could not resolve.   

The answer to homelessness, mental illness, substance abuse and addictions is coming. I saw an answer to HOMELESSNESS coming - it will unfold in Los Angeles first!  I heard “SAN FRANCISCO will follow” along with other cities, that is if their hearts are made ready. THE ANSWERS are not going to come from the sector of government as many have supposed. Answers are already being downloaded into the spirits of a handful of faithful men and women who can be trusted to carry out the task. Homelessness will be addressed in 2020 and the beginning of the answer will be revealed. Many will say, “This is too simple.”. “Why didn’t we see this before now?” I heard these words “Look Beyond The Hills From Whence Your Help Comes From.” The Church will be able to help those who can't help themselves. The Lord will continue to make a path for power and opportunity for pastors leaders and Christian businesses.

God is going to open the spiritual eyes of those who have been viewing the worlds unfolding events through blurred double vision lenses. He’s opening the spiritual eyes of those who have been blinded by demonic spirits of fear, frustration, and propaganda. God is now going to expose the unauthorized spirits of dirtiness, that have been parading as angels of light. Thousands of the same people who use to believe what they were hearing in the media was true, will suddenly turn to begin to see GOD in what is occurring as He exposes these powers of darkness for who they are - power in high places. EYES are finally going to be opened! 

A massive wave of moral realignment is building and will begin to sweep America again. Awakening millions upon millions of young men and women to God's plan and power for their lives. 

I saw Revival occurring here in the San Joaquin Valley. I saw a powerful spiritual outpouring occurring in LODI, California area. In time Lodi will be known as “NEW WINE” Country”. Many will call this area the City Of ANOINTING Oil (OLIVES). I saw thousands of people flying in from everywhere to see and experience what God is doing here in this area. I saw a great MOVE OF GOD happening in the Stockton downtown ARENA. Unlike anything to happen here. Our hotels and surrounding hotels, restaurants and accommodations will be filled. Surrounding airports will be packed with people seekers coming to experience what God is doing here in the valley! 

The local leadership over our city and valley is about to change very quickly.

Watch the State Capital - a political shift is coming - a stirring will occur in the senate and legislature - I heard, a moving out of one and moving in of another.  God has seen the suffering of Californias cities and people. A WAVE OF CHANGE is about to sweep California that will shock and surprise multi millions. I saw another powerful force moving through from LA San Francisco - Oakland and San Jose. And another powerful shaking is coming to the bay area. God's hand will be recognized in the response.

I saw one of Hollywood's largest STARS giving witness to a sudden spiritual awakening. Some will think they are fake because they were at one time so anti-God Anti-Church. But it will be real! This person will rise to testify of being healed by Jesus in their body mind and spirit. They will testify that they use to hate Christianity but was awakened by Jesus himself who came to them like the Apostle Paul! This person (I think is a man) will be the first of many who will come forward and confess Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior! 

What we are seeing happen with and through Kanye West is only the beginning. What has happened to Kanye is going to catch on further with this generation and assist in the cause of countless thousands of young people coming to Christ! I saw Other ARTISTS will follow. Some will begin to leave the secular scene and return their gifts back to God. I saw revivals breaking out in Homes  RECORDING Studios and FILM STUDIOS. Revivals on sound Stages and even the club scene in Hollywood.

I saw a terrible outbreak of an awful Disease / Virus that we thought had been dealt with - but will suddenly reappear. It will cost thousands of lives and shake the US and world.  The good news is that it will be stopped within months by gifted men and women who God will raise up and prepare to help us face and defeat it. 

Afterward a new cure for cancer is coming in the next 1-7 years. This cure will be the beginning of the end of this terrible disease. Disclaimer: We must pray because while it’s been coming for some time there are hidden powers that don’t want the cure to be revealed or released because of the potential damage it could do to the drug and medical industries and markets. Still, we will see it begin to make its way to the public and eventually the world. 


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