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Relationships Can Make You Much Stronger

A friend once told me that “relationship is the currency of the Kingdom.”  Over the years it has proven over and over again to be true!  Everything we do is connected in one way or another to relationships!  It’s not what you know, so much as it is, who you know.
The word relationship is rooted in a sixteenth century Latin word, “relatio” which means ‘brought back,’ from the verb, “referre”.  The meaning here does not carry the thought of referring back to something mentally or in ones memory.  It is talking about the act of passing something back and forth between two parties, like sharing the weight or load of something needing to be carried.  
Triathlon athletes who compete in the passing of the baton for example, must depend on each other if they are to win the competition!   If these powerful athletes are to truly succeed they must depend on each another as a team to get their baton to the finish line. Each runner understands that he or she is not the only ones in the competition.  If they want  to win they know the secret is in their relationship with one another.  If they want to succeed their complete team must win as a whole not as individuals!
A few years ago I drove to the mountains where I decided I would choose some boulders for the landscaping at our new home.  Soon after I arrived I located the beautiful stone boulders I had dreamed of finding!  As I jumped out of my truck I thought, no problem!  I will just use my best physical strength to get these giants into my truck. Right? Wrong!  I began to laugh, because my dream of doing this task by myself lasted for approximately thirty seconds before I realized these boulders weren’t going any where, much less back home with me without some real help!  So to save some of my reputation with my wife, I chose to load up some smaller rocks to avoid the look of shame and defeat.  
Of course, those who know me know well will tell you, I am no quitter!  The following week I fueled up the truck and headed out again. But this time I did something wise. I asked three of my grown sons to go back up the mountain with me, right back to - those same boulders  - in the same exact mountains.  When we arrived, they smiled and asked, "Dad, what were you thinking?" I quietly walked over to the larger than life stones, laughed and said, "Wow .. they really do look much smaller now, don't they?"  

As we all gathered around with rope and four sets of muscles, "To my amazement, within 15 minutes, we had ( as a team) picked up not one, but several of these giant boulders and placed them in the back of our truck!  Proving, what I could not do alone, I was able to do easily with the help and relationships I have with my sons!  The Revelation here is that relationships can help us handle things that we might not be able to handle all by ourselves.  There is strength in relationship!  What you cannot do by yourself, you can do when you have good relationships!  
Life is filled with circumstances. Some of them too much to bare alone.  But, when you do find yourself confronted by heavy circumstances or tasks you don’t have to face them alone!  You have brothers and sisters in the Kingdom to help you!  This is what Solomon meant when he wrote, “And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; but a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12 
There is also safety in relationship!  Proverbs 24:6 declares, “For by wise counsel thou shalt make thy war: and in multitude of counsellors there is safety.” (KJV)  God designed us to help each other gain wisdom through Gods word!  All of us have heard the old sayings like, "Many hands make a load light" Well, it is very true!  The right relationships make us stronger.

This is one of the reasons, God wants us to develop pure (good for us) relationships with one another!  His desire is that we grow strong together in his grace and his power!  We do this by developing pure relationships with one another as we grow together in Christ! He loves us and wants us to love one another as he loves us! 
Let me encourage you to continue in your journey in developing pure relationships in the Kingdom!  If you look closely and prayerfully, there are people all around you right now, who not only care about you, they are eager and ready to engage with you as you grow in Christ and face life challenges!  
Lets grow together in Christ this year!   Remember you need pure Godly relationships in your life!   Don’t make the mistake of making your life’s journey alone!   We are here for you!  Gods best, Mark S. Filkey

For Information on how you can schedule Mark to speak at your event simply email us here or call our offices as 209-469-9962 ext. 318 


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